Branding, Print, Web, SEO, Promo Items

We are proud of our commitment to our clients through marketing research, strategy, concept development, corporate identity/logo design, graphic design, print media design, web design & development, search engine optimization, internet marketing and outdoor sign design. We also provide photography, illustration and label/package design services.

We are a firm that understands quality, continuity and service. We have customers throughout the southeast and across the country and we understand that being competitive is important for all markets. Our customers are very diverse, from small business owners to large corporate accounts. No matter the size or the market you are targeting we have the experience, the knowledge and the expertise to get you results!

Ford Design Group’s goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations. Our philosophy is that we’re only as good as our last project.


Isn’t it interesting how definitions of words have evolved over the years? Each of these words can either be a noun or a verb, and stand on their own totally unrelated to one another. But, for our team at Ford Design Group, they are all equally important to perform best used in conjunction with one another.

With the many years or experience of successful design, branding and agency work under our belts, we have seen first hand how the world has changed and how we had to be right there, out there on the edge, or be left behind, What we have successfully accomplished is integrate these three separate words into one powerful and multifunctional blueprint for designing, implementing, and maintaining a company’s image and marketing needs.


Do you have one? Do you have a project or service without an identity? Does it need to be branded? Are you happy with how your brand is positioned? Does it need to be tweeked, enhanced, maybe jazzed up a bit? Do you have eye-popping graphics, attention getters?


What is your market? Where does your product or service fit? Are you utilizing all the technologically advanced systems that are currently available? Do you have a good web presence? If yes, is it being optimized? Is your product or service content compelling? Are you looking for a fresh approach? Is your message inspirational?

What we do for our clients is keep it simple. We take off the pressure. Together, we identify your markets and then we structure your content for strategic and maximum results. We operate more as a committed partner than as a provider/agency. We mold your brand into your conceptual likeness and confidently create media campaigns that produce results and a measurable ROI.


Do you know what kind of impact your marketing efforts are having? Do you know and have methods to accurately assess just how your marketing dollars are performing? It’s our job to make a brand roll off of tongues and utilize the most advanced tools to measure your Return On Investment.