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We sell a wide array of promotional products both low end and high end items. Almost anything that you can print your company logo on!

Screen Printed / Embroidered Apparel, Safety Gear, Promo Items, Ad Specialties, Trade Show Displays / Graphics and Outdoor Advertising


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Promotional Items / Trade Show Giveaways

Pens, Stickers, Coffee Mugs, Stainless Steel Items, Koozies, Awards, Coolers, Drink-ware  Golf Items, Technology, Note Pads, Outdoor Leisure, Meeting/Office Identification, Tools, Calendars and much more!

Safety Gear

We sell a full line of ERB safety gear and apparel. This includes Vests, Jackets, Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs etc.

Trade Show Needs

Displays, Banner Stands, Pop-Up Displays, Posters, Podiums, Custom Portables, Custom Trade Show, Cases, and Graphics

We are a dealer for ExpoGo. Please look through the website and call with any questions at all.

marketing agency

Let Us Design Your Custom Promotional Items

Signage and Outdoor Advertising

We design all types of indoor and outdoor signage as well as create billboard layouts and assist with placement. The  relationship with our outdoor advertising agency offers a turn-key outdoor advertising solution for your marketing needs. Outdoor advertising may not fit all budget, but if it does, you will get a nice return on your investment.

Ford Design Group located in Wilmington, North Carolina, has been providing our clients with a variety of services for over 24 years. We have truly become the “One Stop Shop” for both large and small businesses in Southeastern North Carolina as well as many other cities in the United States.

Every business needs promotional materials to build brand awareness. Almost every company has the need to brand themselves and have great exposure in the marketplace. We’re able to take a company from start to finish with their branding needs. Simply put, we can assist with all your design, print, web, promo, apparel, signage and trade show needs. Call us today to to get a free quote to help you grow your business and separate yourself from your competitors. Call 910.202.0096 or Click Here

Your one stop resource for Promo Items, Screen Printed, Embroidered Apparel, Trade Show Displays, and more.

What promotional items are the best?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing promotional items. Promotional merchandise can be a great way to get your company name out there, but it needs to be done right. The first thing promotional merchandise should do is stay true to the company’s branding and look/feel. Too often companies purchase promotional items that don’t match with who they are, which leads to them not being used or even thrown away! It’s important for the item you purchase to reflect who your company is and what it does. Secondly, when selecting how many units of an item you’ll need for an event or campaign, it’s important not only for you to know how many people will be attending or participating in your event, but also how long the event will last and what type of person attends these events on average (i.e., if they’re older than 18). The last thing a business wants is their giveaway sitting unused because they bought too much!

What Promotional Items Do People Actually Want?

The promotional items people want may vary depending on the industry and the company. For example, a new car dealership may have a strong interest in car mats, whereas a dog grooming company might not.

The type of promotional items people want also depends on the person’s interests and preferences.

In general, companies should offer personalized merchandise that is closely related to their business. And remember that people want promotional items that are both useful and will last a long time.

Some things people might look for in promotional items is how they can be used outside of the workplace, how they are made, what type of material they are made of, and if they will be durable.

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