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Does your visual branding match the quality of service you give your clients and customers? Does it tell the story you want to sell? Is your branding consistent, cohesive, and reflective of your communication style? Is it fresh? Your logo and associated materials are almost always the first impressions of your business, and you know what they say about first impressions. 

Ford Design was founded with brand development at the core because we understand that’s where the customer relationship starts. Let us create a new logo for your next decade in business or help you freshen up your brand identity, including colors, fonts, logos, and a comprehensive style guide.

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Print Media

Business cards, rack cards, advertisements — print is still a major player when it comes to brand promotion and sales, and your customers can tell if your collateral was professionally designed or slapped together in a rush and they’ll act accordingly.

We’ll help you create a catalog, business suite, advertising plan, signage, and other print media that will help your brand stand out from the competition and direct your customers to choose you.

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Website Design

A website has to be many things; a first impression, a sales tool, a lead collection funnel, a digital brochure, and a path to your door. The website must be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, to the point, and attractive. Does your website bring you business or is it an out-of-date eyesore on life support?

If you’re not up-to-date with functional design and mobile optimization or it’s just not doing what you need, our team of developers and designers can create an online home that works for you. A web presence is much more than just a website.

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Digital Marketing & SEO

A website only works if customers can find it. This means being on top of the search engine results (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) and local, national, and international digital marketing. We offer website optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC campaigns), email marketing implementation, list building, sales funnel systems, mobile marketing campaigns, and much more. Need digital marketing or SEO for Wilmington, NC? We have a full range of products and services to make sure your potential customers can find you and that you’re at the top of the list.

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Promo Items & Logo Apparel

When you’re out and about are you putting your brand front and center? Does your staff have comfortable, sharp-looking branded apparel to wear to work? When you’re at trade shows, do you make sure you have logo apparel for each day on the floor? How about giveaways and freebies? Ford Design offers a full range of promo items and branded logo apparel, from chip clips to pens and hats to jackets, and a wide range of shirt styles. 

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