Special Announcement: Ford Design’s Latest Collaborations and Creations


At Ford Design, we are passionate about creating impactful designs that elevate brands and captivate audiences. We are excited to share some of our latest projects, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Collaborating with Cape Fear Winery

Ford Design has been honored to work with Cape Fear Winery, a distinguished establishment in North Carolina. Our team has been busy crafting unique and visually stunning designs to enhance the winery’s brand identity. From elegant label designs to cohesive branding strategies, we have aimed to capture the essence of Cape Fear Winery’s exceptional products and rich heritage.

Our collaboration with Cape Fear Winery goes beyond traditional design work. We have immersed ourselves in understanding their vision and values, ensuring that every design element reflects their commitment to quality and passion for winemaking. This project has been a rewarding experience, and we are proud to contribute to the success of such a prestigious winery.

Joining Forces with Calcutta for a New Venture

In addition to our work with Cape Fear Winery, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with the renowned sport fishing brand, Calcutta. This partnership has brought together the best of both worlds, combining the expertise of Cape Fear Winery and Calcutta to create something truly extraordinary.

Together, we have developed four new spice rum flavors that are set to make waves in the market. These flavors, inspired by the adventurous spirit of sport fishing and the artisanal craftsmanship of Cape Fear Winery, offer a unique and memorable experience for rum enthusiasts. Our design team has worked tirelessly to create packaging and branding that not only captures the essence of these new flavors but also stands out on the shelves.

Showcasing Our Accomplishments

We are proud of the work we have done and excited to share a glimpse of our recent projects with you. Below is an image that highlights our collaboration with Cape Fear Winery and Calcutta, showcasing the new spice rum flavors we helped bring to life.

At Ford Design, we believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our recent projects with Cape Fear Winery and Calcutta are a testament to our dedication and passion for design.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into our work. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Ford Design