Gamefish Vodka Label

Ford Design Group has just completed its latest label design for Cape Fear Distillery called Gamefish Vodka. We’re excited about the possibility of another international award for the concept and design. We have received 3 awards to date.

Cape Fear Distillery® is proud to announce our partnership with international marine wildlife artist, Steve Goione, on the release of Game Fish Vodka™. Goione is known worldwide for his uncanny ability to capture the strength and grace of marine life. His art is immediately identifiable and found in some of the world’s top yacht and corporate commissions as well as the world’s top gamefish tournaments. Although Goione travels the world with his art, his home base is in Wilmington, NC.

Alex Munroe, owner of Cape Fear Distillery™, an avid fisherman and conservationist, says, “My first official business was as an offshore charter captain out of Shallotte Inlet. I’ve been blessed to grow up fishing the waters of the Cape Fear region and know firsthand the innate beauty of our game fish. We celebrate that beauty through Steve Goione’s artwork and our Game Fish Vodka™.”

Cape Fear Distillery® also licensed the phrase, “A Great Game Fish Is Too Valuable To Be Caught Only Once,” from the estate of Lee Wulff, the famous angler and conservationist who spawned the catch and release gamefish movement. Wulff’s renowned quote is featured on the reverse of the label.

Goione and Munroe recently formed the Cape Fear Distillery Conservation Foundation, supporting U.S. coastal ecological initiatives through the distillery’s sales. According to Munroe, “This is the American way. We celebrate our region’s natural resources through a beautiful product like Game Fish Vodka™ and give back to those natural resources with the product’s success.”