Ford Design Grows with WordPress Web Design

Ford Design Group LLC. has been in business for over 20 years helping brand companies of all sizes. Our goal is to always focus on helping our clients stand alone in their industry. The WordPress web design platform, has allowed our clients to now compete at a high level within their industry.

In the beginning we specialized mainly in logo design/corporate identity, graphic design, print media design, direct mail, illustration, sign design, package design and label design. We only had a few website customers in those early days. Mainly because the web was just getting started and not taken as seriously. The general public was still not 100% onboard with this new technology and didn’t know the value of what it offered. Many companies where still pushing print media, direct mail, TV and radio. Today we are a society that is almost totally reliant on the web. We have grown with the times and have been trying to stay at the forefront of website design, development and internet marketing. Our website platform here at Ford Design Group is wordpress web design and professional web design graphics. Our clients have been very happy with the results of our design directions as well as the great technology that’s built into WordPress. Wordpress is designed in a way with W3C standards for XHTML and CSS and makes websites much easier to render with browsers. It is also very SEO and user friendly! Learn why wordpress web design is so popular.

We have expanded over the years giving our clients many more services that are web related. Today we are building responsive websites that look great on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or on your desk top computer. Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important services we offer. Everyone knows that if you aren’t on the first page under your specific industry then you wont be found. We’ve learned that SEO and internet marketing is just as important as the website we created. Today SEO and internet marketing is an intricate part of the branding process for both large corporate accounts as well as small businesses.

Today Ford Design covers the full gamete of marketing services start to finish. We started offing smaller businesses a variety of marketing packages to choose from. We’ve learned over the years that people want options and we have custom marketing solutions to fit every budget.

Call Ford Design today to discuss your design and advertising goals. We look forward to helping you build your brand and get more targeted traffic to your website!

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