The Proof

We’ve just received more label design awards from the Las Vegas Spirits International Awards as well as the john Barley Corn Spirits Awards. Recently we’ve received Gold Medal awards for design on the Solera Whiskey and Gamefish Vodka labels.

Gamefish Vodka Label

Ford Design Group has just completed its latest label design for Cape Fear Distillery called Gamefish Vodka. We’re excited about the possibility of another international award for the concept and design. We have received 3 awards to date. Cape Fear Distillery® is proud to announce our partnership with international marine wildlife artist, Steve Goione, on the […]

Cape Fear Distillery

Ford Design Group just completed yet another label design for the Cape Fear Distillery. This is their new Frying Pan Shoals Bourbon (Small Batch). We’re hoping to win another international award in Las Vegas soon. We love label design and hope to expand our services world wide at some point. We currently have 3 international […]

International Gold Winner

Ford Design Group was just awarded another International Gold Winner trophy this year! The prestigious award is for Creative/Unusual label design with their new Rum label design. This is our 3rd international award working for Cape Fear Distillery! It’s fantastic and humbling to be acknowledged on the worlds stage for label design. We competed against […]

Wilmington Internet Marketing Google My Business is the #1 Marketing Tool

Over the past 3-4 years, more and more people are turning to the internet to find what they are looking for. In fact, 97% of all searches are done online, and 60% of those are on mobile devices. This is where your customers are, so that being said, wouldn’t you want to stand out in […]

Ford Design Group and Cape Fear Distillery win National Barleycorn Awards!

We’re so proud to have won these awards and to have worked with wonderful people like Alex Munroe and Judith Scott of Cape Fear Distillery. They just surprised us recently with the great news about our awards. It looks like we beat out some stiff competition in the design category. They beat out some very […]

Another Summer Season

Ford Design Group focuses your company’s message in a continuity across all levels of media. We help you attain the impact you desire in logo design, WordPress websites, direct mail, print media and other branding and marketing disciplines. Call today and receive 10% off your next logo, print, or website project as well as any […]

New Year – New You

  I’m going to jump on the “Happy New Year” bandwagon and say, while you’re re-evaluating your exercise plan and adding more vegetables to your diet, it’s a good time to  take a look at your business. So, have you given your business a fresh new look for the new year? Are your brochures updated, your […]

It All Started Here

If someone asked me what I’d really like to do all day, every day (aside from surfing), it would be designing logos. That’s where I started and it is still the service that brings me the most joy to provide. Most of you already have logos. Are they fresh or 10 years old? Easy to […]

Tips For Making Your Website Work For You

First: The Three Main Questions Every Website Must Answer When people visit your website, they are looking for answers to three main questions: Who are you? What do you sell? How can I get it? (buy it) Before you do anything else, stop and give your website a once-over. Does it answer those questions? If […]