Why WordPress Website Design is so popular?

Ford Design Group is a firm that understands the greatness of  Wordpress. It’s an open source web software that was created from a blog framework. It has since evolved to an awesome Content Management System that peers websites, networks, and communities. Ford Design is amounted some of the best website design companies here in Wilmington North Carolina. When it comes to website design prices, we are one of the most competitive for WordPress website design and graphic design services.

One of the greatest attributes of WordPress is that you, the client are in control. That’s right! You can simply make text edits and upload photos quickly through a very easy process. The designers of WordPress have made is easy for anyone to have control over their personal or business website. This saves a lot of money over time because the designer and programmer have done their thing and are out of the picture after the site is up and running smoothly. The only time they will be needed is for changes to the website such as additional plug-ins, extended menu, upgrades and more functionality.

The standards for WordPress are designed with W3C standards for XHTML and CSS. This makes your site easier to render with browsers.

WordPress is both a blog and a website. It’s super easy for users to build pages and create posts. It has become very popular for companies to have a website and a blog. Many WordPress users and a blog on their website. It may be named News, Blog, New Info. etc. One other positive is that WordPress is also very SEO friendly! This is why Ford Design grows with wordpress web design.

The bottom-line is that WordPress is easy to use because users can publish their info super easy and fast as well as 1000’s of plugins to choose from. You can also import your date from other systems. You are also able to export data away from WordPress if necessary.

As the Creative Director and owner of Ford Design Group, one of my duties is meeting with all clients new or old. We listen carefully to our client’s website design ideas and turn their vision into a website. I have found in the last 5 years that it’s so much easier for me to explain WordPress and sell my clients on the simplicity of using the site and the savings over time that’s it an easy sell because it almost sells itself. It’s just that good and well thought out in termits it’s design and framework. WordPress is 99% of what Ford Design Group designs and programs these days. I have enjoyed learning more and more about the software and have been able to explain it in very easy terms to my new prospects.

Over the years I have also found a variety of talented programmers and designers to work with that have helped expand website services for Ford Design Group. We started out as a design firm specializing in logo design, corporate identity, graphic design, print media, direct mail, billboard design, package design and label design. Since we got into the web design and development business our company has taken off. We’ve since added a strong SEO and internet making team to our group.

I only see WordPress continuing to take over as the number one software to build websites whether it’s a small blog or and very robust website. In simple terms, you can’t go wrong using the WordPress platform.

The WordPress Website Platform is…

1. Easy for the user
2. You own your online presence
3. Wide variety of themes to choose from
4. Super SEO friendly
5. Endless customization possibilities
6. Blogging
7. Awesome support services
8. Easy Access for many users through the site

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