The Hot Rod in the Parking Lot

You might have heard me talking about the Ford Design Brand Wagon. I can’t wait to be able to drive it around town so everyone can see it.

What does this have to do with marketing? Well, until the Brand Wagon runs, the only people who can see it are the people who know it’s there or happen to walk by the garage.

A website without good SEO is like that. The only people who can find you are the ones who already know you exist and can type in your website URL to go directly to you. (If someone knows the Brand Wagon is at the garage, they can go see it. If they don’t know it’s there, and can’t see it, it’s useless.)

Is your website set up so that people can find you? Or is it parked in a dusty garage somewhere? Maybe you don’t know if any of your SEO is working for you. If you’d like a free consultation, we’re happy to take a look. Email me. Let’s get your website firing on all cylinders.

You Don’t Have to Be The Best in the World

You have to be the best in your  world.

And the people in your world have to be able to find you.

If, say, you’re a tree care service in Wilmington, North Carolina, you don’t need to rank for “best tree care service.”

You need to appear high in search results for “Tree care service in Wilmington” or “tree trimming in Wilmington NC” and any other number of keywords and long-tail keywords. (Don’t know what those are? We can help.) Click to send us an email to schedule a free review.

With SEO, chances are good you’re doing it wrong, and that has consequences.  

FACT: 9 billion US Internet searches per month
FACT: 250 million US Internet users
FACT: 50% of Internet searches on mobile devices

Most people never click past the first page of Google search results. If you’re on page 2, good luck. If you’re the SECOND ranking on Google for your location and your service, good luck. The only place to be in Google search results is number 1. 

Here’s How We Help You Get There 

Local Marketing 360
Great for a local business seeking local customers.
We help you set up your email marketing, 50+ local search directory search portals, and mobile search voice tags. You’ll have a dedicated marketing executive and so much more. Talk to a Consultant 

Web Marketing 360
This is our most robust and flexible marketing plan.
It includes all features of the Local Marketing 360 Plan plus onsite SEO marketing optimization and a marketing allowance for ads on Facebook,YouTube, Pandora, Instagram, Google Display, Linked In, and Gmail. Learn more.Talk to a Consultant 

SEO Website Optimizer
Get your website SEO in shape so customers can find you.
Google says that one of the most important aspects of online marketing is to have your website optimized for content relevance. You also receive the full keyword report once the research is completed. You can use these search terms in blog posts, articles, fresh content, press releases, and more. Talk to a Consultant 

SEO Service Plan
Monthly marketing to stay up in search results.
Once you have completed the onsite SEO optimizer plan, you will want to consider a monthly SEO service plan to ensure that you don’t start slipping in the ranks. Competitors  keep their ranks up by performing monthly SEO, new content, new search terms, and/or paid advertising online. Guess what happens if you don’t do it? You got it: you start slipping down the ranks. It is a constant battle to stay on page one. Talk to a Consultant 

Geo Power Listing
This is the economy local search plan.
We build an optimized business profile and submit to 70+ search portals and directories. This also helps greatly with mobile searches, voice search, and Google Maps. A must have service for your small business. Talk to a Consultant