New Ford Design “BRAND WAGON”!

Ford Design Group is happy to announce that we’re going to have a new member of our family! No, it’s not a baby or a new employee, but a 1955 Ford F100 step side pickup truck. Yes you heard right! This beauty is a frame-off restoration and will represent Ford Design Group. Everywhere our “Brand Wagon” goes in Southeastern North Carolina business people will see her beauty and be informed of our design and marketing services. The truck will have our logo and graphics on it so small or large business entities can contact us for their advertising needs.
Every company needs to brand themselves and keep their image fresh in front of the public and competitors. Businesses should take full advantage of every opportunity they have to separate themselves from others in their industry. Our truck is an example of using something outside-the-box to get the attention of potential customers. Another way to keep our brand rollin’, so to speak 🙂
We’re hoping that the new vehicle and mobile website will be ready no later than November. We’ll have photos of her there. Be on the look out for Greg Ford driving a Classic Ford representing Ford Design Group in the near future!