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Ford Design Group, Inc. is one of the oldest Advertising Agencies in Wilmington NC.

So, we wanted to share some general tips relating to advertising ideas and graphic design that we have discovered over the years.

You would be amazed how many business card designs we have seen with no mailing address listed. Some even forget to put their email address or website. This is critical for contacting you. After all, that is what a calling card is all about.

One of the most important things about a card is to always include an address on your business card, even if you are operating a small business out of your home. It greatly increases your credibility and makes you look much more established! If you’re concerned about privacy, a Post Office box is a great way to go.

These are all great advertising ideas. Never be caught anywhere without business cards again! Carry a supply of cards in your car so that you can restock when purse or wallet stash runs out. The same applies for brochures, articles, promotional postcards, samples, informational flyers, and presentation folders with information about your company and capabilities—you never know when you’ll have an opportunity to hand them out. Any type of marketing materials should have all of your contact information on them.

All good advertising agencies in Wilmington, NC or across the country, should always encourage their clients to produce designed materials less expensively to start out. Need a business card and brochure? Why not combine the two into a folding business card and save on the printing costs? Is your logo designed in so many colors that printing becomes too costly?

If you want to print on a specialty paper, consider converting your logo to a one- or two-color version just for your printed materials—unlimited colors on a website don’t cost extra! We’re always thinking up creative ways to save our clients money, and we’re happy to offer many more suggestions like these based on your individual needs—just contact us with your questions.

If you are looking for advertising ideas or marketing in Wilmington NC, Ford Design will consult with you to find the best solution for your company and budget.

Do you want the professionalism of having a printed letterhead, but don’t expect to write 500 letters (the minimum quantity for most printers)? Design a letterhead that can act as a base for your printed invoices, flyers, report or proposal covers, articles, client intake documents and everything else. This way, all of your materials will be professionally branded—and you’ll go through “all that letterhead” quicker than you think.

We hope these tips help you promote your business. For additional assistance in designing any print or online promotional materials for your business, please Ford Design Group at 910-202-0096.

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