It All Started Here

If someone asked me what I’d really like to do all day, every day (aside from surfing), it would be designing logos. That’s where I started and it is still the service that brings me the most joy to provide. Most of you already have logos. Are they fresh or 10 years old? Easy to […]

Tips For Making Your Website Work For You

First: The Three Main Questions Every Website Must Answer When people visit your website, they are looking for answers to three main questions: Who are you? What do you sell? How can I get it? (buy it) Before you do anything else, stop and give your website a once-over. Does it answer those questions? If […]

A House of Cards on Your Neighbor’s Picnic Table

“Oh I’m good. I have a Facebook page.” If I had dollar for every time I heard a local business owner say those words, y’all, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this email. I’d be retired at an undisclosed surf break.  If you’re relying on social media to communicate with your customers and provide the […]

Your Logo Here

You know how sometimes you’re driving and you see those billboards that say things like, “YOUR LOGO HERE,” or “If you had called us your logo could be here,” or “You could be getting business right now.” That’s what I want to say to people walking around trade shows without wearing their logo. If you […]

The Hot Rod in the Parking Lot

You might have heard me talking about the Ford Design Brand Wagon. I can’t wait to be able to drive it around town so everyone can see it. What does this have to do with marketing? Well, until the Brand Wagon runs, the only people who can see it are the people who know it’s […]

Print Media Still Rocks

Everybody has that one thing they’re really good at. Maybe you can make a better roast chicken than anyone. Maybe you’re a fishing guide and you have a knack for dropping anchor in just the right place. My thing? It’s branding. I cut my teeth on logo design, but a logo’s not very useful if you […]