Website Design and Development

Ford Design Group has a strong talented team that has over 14 years experience in design & website development. From conceptualizing unique ideas and directions to implementing strong design in reality. Over the years the web has changed immensely in how people us it and put stock into what it offers. Today websites have to not only be aesthetically pleasing but it must be very user friendly to the beginner to the most web savvy individual. Navigation is a key element as well as building a site that is set up to be SEO friendly.

Our team cares about our clients needs and opinions. We always start by listening to what our clients needs are as well as what they know to be currently working for them. We want to get in the heads to know about their industry as well as do our own research on their competitors.

Website Process

Research and Information

The potential client is asked to answer a list of important questions to help us understand what they want to achieve with their website. This also helps us pull valuable information together, We also do research on their market and what their competitors are doing as far a design, print, web etc. Our main goal is to evaluate and separate them from their competition. One we have a signed contract from the client we start develop a site map based on that information recorded. This will help everyone involved understand how the site will work overall.

Creating a wireframe to further show how the site with operate.

This is the visual design phase and entails creating the aesthetic fro the Home Page as well as the look for the other pages.

Page coding

Application development


Testing/quality assurance